...I have been photographing since early childhood, turning professional at the earliest opportunity, I have also been teaching or tutoring off and on for years, now I have widened my horizons... A masterclass can be run with up to five people at any suitable location depending on content. Initially we will talk briefly regarding suitability of equipment and obviously goals. During the day we can progress and improve individual skills.After the sessions end images can be reviewed and if necessary critiqued to further enhance technique.

Location Photography:

...A relaxing day out at a suitable location for each skill, landscape, wildlife, portrait or whatever. As a serious wildlife photographer I can usually make a day at the zoo memorable, enabling you to produce images that almost give an impression of wild animals at large. If necessary models will be brought in to facilitate portrait photography.

Location photography from £95 [up to 5 people]


...I use Canon Professional Digital with a wide range of lenses. If necessary this equipment can be utilised, providing it is in the appropriate country. If you wish to make use of this facility but need an appropriate body I can see if I can make sure one is available. In such a case please ensure you bring your own compact flash card to take home with you. If you do not have one images can be burnt onto a CD.

Significant lenses: due to a burglary most additional equipment is no longer available

... Feel free to call or speak to me to discuss what you want from the day. 07925 110040

... Food will only be provided if requested, though bottled water will usually be available. If in doubt shop at Tesco. If you want to be outlandish and take glamour photographs that have that extra something there will be a charge to hire a professional model. Unless you bring your own, wife or girlfriend.

... A day indoors going over your work, either from a masterclass or independant material can be negotiated. I have been using Photoshop since version 2.5[now on CS6], so if you need help with manipulation it will not be a problem. The daily rate will be significantly lower midweek, it is also possible to do a half day. Bring your own laptop if possible, otherwise ask.