I have over the years written something like 34 odd novels. I have been told professionally that my forte is horror though I have delved into thrillers, crime and the supernatural, even Scifi. Although I have printed and sold paperbacks I have been preparing most of my titles for reading electronically. One of my other sites : www.blisteringbooks.co.uk is devoted to books [link above] so you can get a feel of things. I can email a file in .mobi for Kindle, .epub for Ipad and probably any other format. I am in the process of updating the other site to include electronic prices. There are titles available through Amazon.

If you enjoy reading or even have friends that might like the genres I write please think about getting the odd title, even spreading the word. I am still considering a large print run, it is just that I am having difficulty choosing the most suitable title. Feel free to email: paperback-writer@hotmail.co.uk


If you are interested in improving your photography I can do tutorial days at an appropriate venue or midweek using the road network. Prices will depend on group size, please contact me for details. Check the Masterclass page for more information.


Any photographs I have taken over the years on digital can be ordered on CD. As a special offer everything taken in a year, 2015 or before, for £85. [As a professional photographer this is my only income]


If you noticed I was at event but I failed to speak to you I may still have pictures, just state the event and race number and I can check. If you have just not got around to ordering don't panic, I keep the files indefinitely, though if I have to trawl back over the years there may be a search fee.


The videos advertised on You Tube are available either as downloads or on DVD.

Downloads :- £10

DVD: - £13.50

Payment either by cheque or PayPal [preferably as a payment to family and friends please] e-mail an order and I will get a link to you.

Video list


I am currently producing a number of e-books containing numerous photographs and helpful advice if you are interested in photography. Details are available from the book site, www.blisteringbooks.co.uk.

In the throes of production are : 600 Hillclimb images with photographic tips: Making the most of UK Zoo photography and a trial tome.